Crochet and Cauldrons: A paranormal cozy mystery

In the mood for a good mystery with a paranormal twist? Then Nancy Warren’s “Vampire Knitting Club” series is just for you. Meet our new favorite lead character, Lucy Swift. She’s a new witch who can’t control her cat, runs a knitting store even though she cant knit — and did we mention, her grandmother belongs to an undead knitting club?

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Crochet and Cauldrons Giveaway

  • Open only to legal residents of United States and its territories (except residents of Puerto Rico) and Canada (except residents of Quebec) at least 13 years old at the time of entry. The winner will be announced here on this page as well as contacted by the email address provided on November 1st 2019.

Paperback, 234 Pages, $11.99, 978-1928145516

  • Estellah B.

    Besides my job, I focus on empowering vulnerable young women with crochet skills after which they start crochet businesses to earn a living rather being exposed and depending on desperate sex trade which exposes their lives to acquiring HIV/AIDs, STIs, unwanted pregnancy etc. However, in Uganda crochet skills are not prominent meaning that even resources like: books, appropriate yarn, hooks are scarce. Yet in comparison to other skills, crochet skills are more cost effective because its just a hook, yarn(fabric) and knowledge to transform a life. For this reason, I and the girls kindly request to be considered for this offer, Lets stand together for the girls and transform their lives through crochet !

  • Estellah B.

    Besides my job, Through crochet, I focus on economic empowerment of vulnerable young women in Kyotera district in Uganda. I train girls in crochet skills after which they start up businesses to earn a living. Financial independence reduces the risks of the girls to involve in unsafe sex trade where they can acquire HIV/AIDs, STIs, unwanted pregnancy. However crochet skills are less prominent in Uganda, meaning that even resources like books, yarn, hooks, are scarce. Yet these skill are more cost effective as compared to other skills because they simply require, a hook, yarn (fabric) and knowledge for someone to start. For this reason, I and the girls deserve this book the most. Together lets transform lives with just a book.

  • Judith R.

    Just exploring Facebook sites and found this…love to read, try to crochet (not very good) but love and admire those that can and do create these beautiful pieces of love.

  • Wendy L.

    I would really like to learn to crochet, but there are no free classes around Evansville. They had a free knitting class at the library, but it was too hard on my arthritis. My daughter loves crochet blankets but doesn’t have the patience or time to learn. She is 16 and focusing on school and getting ready for college. I am disabled and home all the time. I love to read, so if I can’t crochet I can read about it. The bonus will be that I love books about the paranormal.

  • Carol W.

    I really enjoyed what I read of this book. I didn’t want it to end. So if I don’t win, I guess I will just have to buy the book. Thank you for considering me.


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