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Botanical Nori Flip Flop Tutorial

Follow this photo tutorial to make your own Botanical Nori Flip Flops!

  1. Hold flip flop, yarn, and hook like this.
  2. Insert hook below strap, yarn over.
  3. Pull up a loop.
  4. Yarn over.
  5. Draw through 1 loop on hook.
  6. Insert hook below strap, yarn over.
  7. Pull up a loop.
  8. Yarn over.
  9. Draw through 2 loops on hook. (sc made)
  10. Continue working in sc around the strap.
  11. At the end of the first flip flop strap, rotate flip flop…
  12. Insert hook below opposite strap, yarn over
  13. Pull up a loop
  14. Yarn over
  15. Draw through 2 loops on hook (sc made).
  16. Continue working in sc to the end of the second strap.
  17. Turn, ch 1, *sc in next 2 sts, ch 5.
  18. 2 hdc in 2nd ch from hook
  19. dc in next ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch
  20. sl st in FL of next sc, rep from * in step 17
  21. Sl st in BL of next st.
  22. Finished with sl st.
  23. Sc in next st
  24. Rep from * in step 17-23 until the end of the row
  25. Turn, ch 1, **sl st in next sc.
  26. Sl st in BL of next st of Row 1.
  27. Sl st in FL of next st of Row 1.
  28. Sl st in next 2 sc.
  29. Rep from ** in step 25-28 until the end of the row.
  30. Fasten off. Done with Leaves!


  • Theresa H.

    Hi, Please let me know how I can get a copy of the June 2021 Magazine.
    Thank you,

    • Nicola P.

      Hello Theresa! Thank you for your interest in I Like Crochet magazine. At this time, we do not have printed versions of our magazine issues. As a member of I Like Crochet, you’ll be able to access all of the patterns in our archives digitally with the option to print individual patterns. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! – Nicola, Editor


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