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Crochet Something Wonderful This Weekend

Choose from 10 Weekend Crochet Patterns in this Dynamic Collection

Shawls, blankets, pillows, and more—pick a project and finish it in a weekend. Our Dynamic Collection of Weekend Patterns is ready for you to hook as part of your I Like Crochet Gold membership.

Ahh, the weekend. Some people run errands, some people go out on the town, but we crochet mavens reach for our hooks and yarn. The steady rhythm of the hook is so relaxing. And watching a shawl, hat, or pillow take form in a couple of days is as satisfying as checking off your entire to-do list. Seriously, what a sense of accomplishment! And by Sunday night you have something to show when your friend or coworker asks, “What did you do this weekend?”

There are a few tricks to creating an in-a-weekend crochet pattern. First is size of the project: you can crochet most hats in a couple of days. Next is size of the hook and yarn. Bulky yarn and a large hook make quick work of shawls and blankets—and make them super-cozy, too. Finally, simple patterns that you can memorize easily make the project go faster, because you don’t have to constantly stop and refer to the instructions. These simplifications make the work go quickly, but that doesn’t mean the crochet projects are boring!

In our Dynamic Collection of Weekend Crochet Patterns, you’ll find 10 two- to three-day projects that you’ll be proud to wear or display in your home. We’ve included beginner-to-intermediate patterns for pillows, blankets, shawls, wraps, and accessories. Just think of adding a new pillow or blanket to your décor in a weekend! Or handcrafting a beautiful wrap for a friend to give as a surprise gift. Every last pattern in this dynamic collection is fun to make and looks great.

And we can’t leave out the 700 + patterns you get in the I Like Crochet library, where you’ll find everything from home decor to stunning scarves to beautiful tops for every season and so much more.

Pillow Talk

Say it with crochet! The L is for Love Pillow pattern spells out your feelings in super-soft yarn and the tapestry crochet technique. The 12” x 16” pillow makes a lovely “statement” piece in your home—not to mention it’s a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one. This intermediate-level pattern is worked back and forth in rows. Two panels are made and then crocheted together around a pillow form. We include a downloadable chart to help you keep “Love” front and center.

Western Wonders

Think single crochet is boring? Not when the result is this graphically stunning Durango Pillow Set. Named for the mountain town in western Colorado, this weekend pattern is striking in its simplicity. And speaking of simplicity, you’ll love this: no need to weave in the ends! The yarn is cut after each row and yarn tails can be knotted and hidden inside the pillow. Colorful single crochet stitches through the front loop create a woven-like textile perfect for minimalist décor. And so easy, you can make both pillows in one weekend.

Baby, I’m Yours

Now here’s a sturdy, yet cozy, blanket that whips up in a weekend but will stand the test of time. The Chevron Mountain Peaks Blanket pattern gets its cushy softness—and durability—from super-bulky yarn and a size Q hook. The lucky baby who owns this blanket will enjoy playing on it as much as being wrapped up in it. Once you have a few rows finished this pattern is really easy to memorize, so the work goes quickly.

Wonderful Weekend Scarf

For you crocheters who also like to weave—and anyone who would like to learn a new technique—the Woven Wonder Scarf is the perfect weekend project. This easy scarf is made in four steps, with the design helped along by self-striping yarn. 1. Crochet a scarf base. 2. Weave in a length of contrasting color. 3. Weave in strips of chain stitches. 4. Secure the ends with a border. That’s it! You’ll want to make this fun and unusual scarf pattern in a different color every weekend.

Blueberry Thrill

Is it a generous scarf or a petite wrap? Doesn’t matter. The Blueberry Basketweave Scarf pattern is a beauty that will embrace you in its basketweave stitch like a hug. Named a Top Pattern on I Like Crochet in 2020, and it’s clear to see why. The easy pattern works up in a weekend with a simple to remember, repeating pattern. Just finish the ends in fun, flirty fringe, and this scarf/wrap is ready to wear or give as a gift.

Don’t forget, as well, that this and every pattern in I Like Crochet comes complete with:

  • A list of necessary yarn and tools you’ll need
  • Row-by-row instructions
  • Special stitch instructions
  • Pattern notes
  • Detailed, full-color photography

Whether you are just starting out with crochet or you’re an advanced crocheter, you’ll find a weekend pattern that’s right for you, and we’ll be right beside you, with plenty of tutorials and instructions.

Buckets of Fun

Check the forecast—are temperatures on the rise? Then take out the Summer Blush Chevron Bucket Bag pattern this weekend and make this stylish drawstring bag. The neutral colors and classic chevron design will instantly make it your favorite summer accessory—it goes with everything! Believe it or not, this is an easy pattern. In fact, this bucket bag was named a Top Pattern on I Like Crochet in 2020. The bag sports a braided drawstring and a delicate gold chain strap that amps up the style factor.

A Blanket That Pops

We love this pattern that’s a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, and all interesting texture. The title of this Weekend Crochet Pattern, Popcorn Peaks Chevron Blanket, comes from the drop-down treble popcorn stitches that take the chevrons to new heights. An easy-level pattern, its repeat is quickly memorized but detailed enough to keep you interested. Each color stripe is worked in rows. We adore the gold, cream, aqua, and lilac scheme shown, but feel free to choose colors that make you happy.

Double Time

The Seeing Double Crochet Blanket is a beginner-level crochet pattern that works up quickly thanks to two double crochet stitches, bulky yarn, and a large hook. Start it Friday evening and you could be taking this blanket to a picnic by Sunday afternoon. The border is worked only on the two vertical sides of the blanket. This pattern is popular not just with beginners, but with crochet teachers looking for a beginner pattern that’s fun, quick, and satisfying.

Top it Off

Beanies are all the rage, so you’ll be happy to know we included the Guava Beginner Beanie in this weekend collection. It’s so cute and a perfect project for the beginning—or impatient—crocheter. The bottom edge is a double ribbing double crochet and the body is worked in single crochet and chains. When you start working on the body part of the hat, mark the beginning of the round and work in a spiral. We show this hat in a pretty pale pink, but crochet it in gray, navy, or red, and this beanie takes on a whole new personality. We know this beanie pattern is a winner, because it was chosen as a Top Pattern on I Like Crochet in 2020.

Fall Flair

Fans of Tunisian crochet, we haven’t forgotten you. The Sun-Dipped Tunisian Shawl pattern is one an intermediate crocheter can complete over a long weekend. The project has a sophisticated design with a short side and a longer one that you wrap around to the front. The gold edging adds an extra touch of class. The shawl is worked in two halves, with the second half worked by picking up stitches on the first half. We include a downloadable diagram to help you create this unique piece. Wear it over a lightweight sweater or jeans jacket.

These weekend crochet patterns are yours, along with a library of more than 700 patterns, expert tips and tutorials, and many more special collections, including The Granny Square Collection, The Dog Collection, and The Beach Collection. It’s all yours with your membership in the I Like Crochet Gold Club. Join us today and enjoy all this and more!

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