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Ayanna Lace Motif Shawl

This beautiful shawl consists of triangle motifs that are joined as the work progresses. The work begins with a single triangle at the bottom of the shawl and the rest of the shawl is built up on that. Ayanna will create a dramatic look for spring

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Secret Garden Cardi

This captivating cardigan starts with stunning motifs worked from the front to the back, creating a flattering V-neckline. Delicately crafted in filet stitch, the sides feature graceful slits for movement. The sleeves echo the motif’s beauty, while the rest continues seamlessly in filet crochet, showcasing an intricate yet cohesive design. Crocheters are invited to explore filet crochet’s artistry, mastering techniques for a sophisticated garment.

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Vintage Swirls & Squares Shawl

Introducing the mesmerizing Vintage Swirls & Squares Shawl , a triangular masterpiece that seamlessly blends two distinct square motifs: the timeless granny square and a captivating spiral design. This shawl showcases an intriguing combination of these interchangeable motifs, united with a beautifully intricate and lacy join.

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Arley Cardi

Arley is the perfect beginner cardigan for granny stitch lovers. Once you have acquired your basic granny skills, it’s time to scale-up to this beauty. Two hexagons folded and seamed together, worked in a very simple pattern, with the only challenge of an easy sleeve shape.

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Maylin Cropped Cardigan

Maylin is a simple, cropped V-neck cardigan with bishop-style sleeves and a ribbed texture. Cardigan utilizes the use of two different color yarns in a similar color tone to add interest and contrast to the design. You could also use contrasting colors to make a bolder fashion statement.

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Alpenglow Cardigan

Alpenglow is a shawl-collar, open-front cardigan with a sunset motif and decorative embroidery detail. The embroidery is a simple, free-style embellishment that adds a bohemian flair to this piece. The name “Alpenglow” means “the rosy light of the setting or rising sun on high mountains” in German.

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