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How To Budget Your Yarn Spending

I am a confessed serial yarnaholic. I have never been able to control my yarn buying, no matter how hard I have tried. If I see a project I want to do, I buy the pattern and the yarn – I can’t help myself! I’ll get to it eventually, right? So in an effort to

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I’m a left-handed knitter – how do I crochet from a pattern meant for righties?

While I am right-handed, I grew up in a household where everyone else was left-handed, and I witnessed their struggle every day. However, when it came time to learn how to crochet, this situation came to be useful!  I sat opposite my mother and mimicked her steps as if looking in a mirror and caught onto the process easily. It can be difficult to how to crochet left-handed for beginners. Lefties will hold the hook in their left hand and use their right hand to hold the yarn and maintain tension.

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Help! How do I read a crochet pattern?

Crochet Corner

Hi Melissa,

So, you’ve decided that you want to learn how to crochet – that’s great! You’ve picked out your yarn and learned a few of the basic stitches, but now what? If you are just learning to crochet, one of the hurdles you must overcome is learning to read crochet patterns. While you don’t have

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What’s blocking, and how do you do it?

Crochet Corner

Dear Laurie,

Congratulations! You finished that piece you’ve been working on… or have you?

Maybe not. If you want to add a professional finish to your crocheted piece, you should consider blocking it.

Blocking your crochet items puts a nice finishing touch on all your hard work, and it gives the final product a professional appearance. You’ll set

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