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Know Your Hook: Sizes K-M

The next few hook sizes we’ll be looking into range from K-M. In terms of diameter, these hooks will be anywhere from 6.5 to 9mm in thickness. They’re a little thinner than the M and Q hooks we discussed in our last issue, but these are still thicker hooks than usual. For this range of

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Know Your Hook: Sizes M-S

When beginning to work on a project, there are two things to keep in mind right off the bat: yarn weight and hook size. Different types of projects and patterns call for different sizes of hooks, and the same goes for different yarn weights. Basically, the thicker the yarn is that you’re working with, the bigger the hook should be. While it’s true that you can pick a hook size that’s somewhere in the middle of the range for most projects, there’s a specific type of hook that matches with a certain yarn weight, and that combination works best for certain projects.

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Know Your Hook: Sizes I-K

It’s time for another Know Your Hook! This time around we’ll tackle the hook sizes I-K, 5.5–6.5mm. These three hook sizes are the middle of the bunch in terms of standard crochet projects, so it’s no surprise that they go best with the commonly used worsted weight yarn. This medium thickness yarn is ideal for just about anything from afghans to warm winter accessories.

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Single Crochet (sc)

single crochet step one

1. Insert the hook under both front and book loops (or, under the complete “V”) of the 2nd chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook from back to front (yarn over) and draw it through the V.

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