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Crochet an Afghan and Help #StitchAHug

Red Heart Yarns is joining forces with the Red Cross for their #StitchAHug initiative, and you can be a part of it!

The Red Cross responds to catastrophic disasters everyday, from hurricanes and floods to tornadoes and fires. In order to help out with these relief efforts, Red Heart is going to donate $250,000 to support Red

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Crocheted Scoodies: 20 Gorgeous Hooded Scarves and Cowls to Crochet

Scoodies, combination scarves and hoodies, are quickly becoming winter’s hottest accessory. Crocheted as one piece, scoodies will keep your neck and head super warm despite the harsh winter winds. Crocheted Scoodies features 20 original scoodie patterns so you’re sure to find something that suits your style. All skill levels are represented, and all projects have

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Crocheting for Charity

Christmas  is my favorite time of the year. Aside from the stark white snow softly falling and completely blanketing the ground, reflecting the twinkling lights set up everywhere you look, I’m completely enamored with the spirit of the season, the spirit of giving. To give some context, my mom is an incredibly giving person and

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Fall Trend Report: Crochet Poncho

Sporty Crochet Poncho

Alright, it’s definitely starting to get cold, and more and more I’m beginning to wish that it were socially acceptable to wear a blanket everywhere. The good news for people like me, though, is that ponchos exist and they’re currently on-trend and in every store! Just as warm, if not warmer, than a hoodie or

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Accessorizing the Holidays: Crochet Accessories for all Festivities

The holiday season is fast approaching and all sorts of holiday parties are being planned. I, personally, have received two Christmas party invites already (yes, it’s early November). With everyone wanting to get together with loved ones near and far, it’s not always easy to have something on-hand to wear to every gathering. Luckily, it’s

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Fall Trend Report: Infinity Scarves

As much as I hate it when the wind starts blowing a little bit colder and I have to actually start wearing a jacket everywhere, I do love the fashion opportunities this type of weather brings. My favorite fall accessories, infinity scarves and cowls, are such simple but versatile pieces that really pull any outfit together. Plus,

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Enjoy the Summer with Sizzling Patterns

Ah, summer, that time of the year when the air is stifling hot and the beaches and pools are refreshingly cool, when eating ice cream for every meal is allowed and when everything moves just a half-second slower. You might not think of summer as a time for crocheting, but there are actually many projects

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