Browse this collection of crochet shawl patterns and crochet wrap patterns, including crochet patterns for shawls for beginners.

Tidepool Tunisian Shawlette

Create a lovely patchwork-look shawlette without sewing! Worked in diagonal rows of Tunisian Mitered Squares, each successive square is picked up from the previous one. You’ll love the interesting mixture of solid and striped blocks that this design provides.

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Sea To It Shawl

Textured shell stitches, a netted border and finished with shell stitches resembling small crowns complete the mermaid princess look. This shawl is made starting from the top down which is always fun when tracking your progress.

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Lemon Buttercup Shawl

This shawl is the ideal companion for cold days in early spring. It is worked in a soft and warm alpaca yarn and has a rather dense – but not stiff – fabric. It impresses with two stripes in a warm yellow tone which are embedded in a mesh of the main color.

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Bliss in Bloom Shawl

This shawl is worked in lacy granny triangles. Each triangle begins with a floral shape but when they are joined, another pattern emerges at the joining points which looks like a star. Dress up a sweater or a dress with this stunning design.

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