“I’m trying to get my yarn stash under control. What is the best way to organize it all?”

–Linda Brown

Dear Linda,

This is one of those questions where if you ask 100 different people you get 100 of the best ideas and solutions ever. Of course, the answer to this question lies in the kind of space you have and your organizational preferences. Do you prefer to see everything you have? Do you just want it all neat and tidy and out of sight?

To prove this point, I asked around the I Like Crochet office, as well as my village of fellow yarn addicts, and we all had different answers. Many utilize large Ziploc bags to keep things neat and tidy. The Ziplocs have an additional benefit off keeping bugs at bay.

There are some who sort yarn by project. I do this with yarns that I buy with a very specific pattern in mind. I will often print out the pattern and include it in the bag as well. If the yarn comes in hanks, I will wind it so that when it’s time to pick the project up, it’s ready to go and there are no excuses not to start.

Others sort their yarns by color, fiber content, or weight into clear plastic bins. Everything is easily seen but is safe from tangles and dust. You can stack them, store them under a bed, or place them on shelves. If you are worried about bugs, you can toss some cedar balls into each bin to deter them. Another option that works is to sort yarn into the large space saver bags that you can remove air from. I have a few bags of yarn stored this way; I removed some of the air but not enough to compress the yarn completely. I did this when we moved recently and it worked so well that I left the yarn in the bags and stored it all under my bed.

If you have a closet to work with, hanging organizers are indispensable. You can use the shelves to sort in any way you please. There are even some specifically designed for your yarn stash and have pockets to help organize your needles and patterns. I have a few of these and I just love them.

If you have the space to make a display, cubby style shelving units are very useful. Your stash and books can all be neatly organized. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and there are endless options for organizing the shelves. Fabric bins, dividers, drawers, doors are all great options.

In my craft room, I use stacks of wire cubby shelving. It’s very inexpensive and can be taken apart and reconfigured if you feel the need to rearrange your space. This versatile method is great if you have an oddly shaped area to utilize, like under stairs for example. I have even seen them used to build a display around a bed or couch!

One of the best ways to get ideas on how to store your yarn stash is to jump into the Pinterest rabbit-hole head first. Be warned: once you start, you may need someone to grab your feet and pull you up for air. You will eventually find a style that appeals to you, trust me.

Happy Crocheting,

Christina Hammond is a crochet professional with more than 30 years of experience designing and tech editing patterns. Do you have a crochet question for Chris? Write us (submissions@ilikecrochet.com) and include “Chris’ Corner” in the subject line.

  • Jayne S.

    Thank you for these storage ideas.

    I store mine in clear tote boxes but they take up a lot of room so this post came at the right time and has inspired me to try your storage suggestions.


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