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Sunflower Necklace

With only a ball chain and a crochet flower you can make a cute necklace very easily. Vary with the pattern, the yarn and the colors to make a necklace that matches your style. I’ve designed five different flower necklaces so that you can choose the one you like best: Dahlia, Waterlily, Sunflower, Forget-me-not and Papaver.

Skill Level: Easy


Fine weight yarnYarn: Phildar Phil Coton 3 (Sunflower)

Color A 1 ball: Rose Saumon

Color B 1 ball: Colza
Hook: 3mm

Notions: Sewing needle and scissors, Ball chain with closure, length approximately 60 cm

Pattern Sunflower

Start with color A.

  1. Chain 3 in a magic ring (counts as 1 half double crochet + 1 chain).
  2. * Make 1 half double crochet in the ring, chain 1. * Repeat 8 more times. Make 1 slip stitch in the first half double crochet that you made in row 1. Change color to color B.
  3. Make 1 slip stitch in the chain-1 space, chain 2. Make 1 cluster stitch of 3 double crochet, chain 2. * In the next chain-1 space: a cluster stitch of 4 double crochet, chain 2. * Repeat around. Make 1 slip stitch in the first cluster stitch that you made at the beginning of this row.
  4. * In the next chain-2 space: 2 single crochet. In the next cluster stitch: 1 single crochet. * Repeat around. Make 1 slip stitch in the first single crochet that you made at the beginning of this row. Fasten off.

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  • Josee F.

    The pattern for the Sunflower is provided but will the others (Dahlia, Waterlily, Forget-me-not and Papaver) be available at some point? Or are they available elsewhere?


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