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Gina Oversized Vest

The Gina Oversized Vest showcases the beautiful and straightforward Granny Spike stitch as its main pattern, creating a captivating texture. Whether you prefer a vibrant and eye-catching palette or a more subtle and neutral look, this vest lends itself beautifully to multiple color schemes. The best part? Construction is simple. The Gina Oversized Vest is as easy as joining two rectangles together, allowing you to complete the project in just a weekend. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners or for those who enjoy quick and satisfying crochet projects.

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Hailey Hooded Cardigan

The Hailey Hooded Cardigan crochet pattern, a captivating and customizable project that allows you to take the beloved granny square pattern to new heights. If you love the rhythm of the granny square and want to explore its potential further, this pattern offers a unique and individualized approach. The construction of this cardigan adds an intriguing twist to the classic stitch pattern. It is worked in the round in two pieces, which are then joined and worked flat. This innovative approach keeps the construction interesting and engaging, making it an ideal project for crocheters seeking a challenge.

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Adeline Crew Sweater

The Adeline Crew Sweater features a very easy pattern with just one row repeat, allowing you to create a beautiful and intricate-looking garment with minimal effort. The simplicity of the pattern makes it an excellent choice for beginners or for those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable crochet project. The sweater’s long sleeves are modified drop-shoulders, adding a relaxed and comfortable fit. This design detail enhances the overall comfort of the garment, making it perfect for cozy days and chilly evenings.

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Anisa Mesh Tunic

With a beautiful wave and shell design, this top will have you dreaming of a day by the ocean. Made with Ultra Pima cotton, this top is perfect for wearing over a swimsuit or tank top and will soon become your favorite go-to summer piece.

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Luisa Scalloped Filet Crochet Topper

The Luisa Scalloped Topper is worked in four panels, consisting of a front panel, a back panel and two side panels. This construction technique allows for ease of customization and ensures a perfect fit. Each panel is worked separately and then seamed together, resulting in a seamless and professional finish. Pair the Luisa Scalloped Topper with high-waisted jeans or a flowing skirt for a bohemian-inspired look, or layer it over a sleeveless dress for an elegant and feminine touch. The versatility of this topper allows you to create a variety of outfits suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

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Eleanor White Boxy Cardigan

Designed with a touch of elegance, the Eleanor White Boxy Cardigan showcases a captivating cable and twisted double crochet stitch pattern. The combination of these stitches adds texture and visual interest to the garment, making it a true statement piece.Perfect for intermediate crocheters, this pattern offers an opportunity to expand your skills and create a stunning garment.

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