Tag: Petal Power

Lacy Lavender Pullover

Introducing the Lacy Lavender Pullover crochet pattern – a luxurious, versatile garment that effortlessly transitions through seasons in elegant style.This pullover boasts a mesmerizing floral lace design, creating a captivating geometric pattern that elevates any wardrobe. Despite its intricate appearance, this pullover is ingeniously crafted in two pieces without any shaping. Both the front and back panels are worked seamlessly from the bottom up, cleverly joined at the top of the sleeves and shoulders using a join-as-you-go technique. The finishing touches include sewing the bottom edge of the sleeves and sides for a polished look.

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Petal Patchwork Tote

This versatile tote boasts a symmetrical design, creating both the front and back panels identically, exuding a sense of balanced elegance. Featuring meticulous detailing and a polished finish, this charming (and functional) bag is just what you need this season.

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Meadow Melody Pillow

Poppies, asters and daisies flourish across this petal-powered pillow, infusing your space with the freshness of a spring garden. Create an oasis of blocks with this scrap friendly project that features crochet floral appliqués crocheted and sewn separately onto the subtly textured pillow front. Perfect for a weekend project, this design offers an easy yet rewarding experience for crafters of all levels.

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