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“Sorry I Was up All Night Hooking” Coffee Mug

Cost: $13.45+

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If you enjoy sitting in your favorite chair with a mug of tea by your side in the wee hours of the night, this mug is for you. If you wake up for work the next day all bleary eyed from your crocheting escapades, then this mug is also for you. Handmade and printed so that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, this is the cutest mug to add to your collection.

If I Can’t Take My Yarn I’m Not Going T-shirt

Cost: $23.27

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We know this story all too well: you get invited to a get together but you’re right in the middle of a crochet pattern that you really, really enjoy. This shirt was made for those exact occasions. Afterall, if you can’t take your yarn, what’s the point of going?

Spring Yarn Cozy

Cost: $7.95+

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Say goodbye to yarn ball tangles for good with this adorable skein cover. These vibrant cozies can be purchased as a pair of individually. Either way, your yarn will stay snug as a bug while you calmly work on your latest project. Just think of all the tangles you won’t have to deal with because your yarn is kept tidy in one place!