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Allspice Tote

Allspice Tote

This roomy tote’s warm colors spice up the intricate pattern that has a woven look. Using the tapestry crochet technique to give it this signature style, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this earthy design.

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Approximately 14.5” wide x 12” high x 5.5” deep, excluding handles

Gauge 13 sc = 4” and 7 rnds = 3”


Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA (100% Acrylic; 81 yards [74 meters]/140 grams):

#135 Billings Chocolate (C1, 4 skeins), #99 Los Angeles Tan (C2, 1 skein), #170 Las Vegas Gold (C3, 1 skein), #178 St. Louis Sage (C4, 1 skein)

Hook: US size H/8 (5.0 mm)

Notions: 1.5” diameter metal rings (4), large safety pin for stitch marker, tapestry needle

Pattern Notes

Do not join at end of rnds unless otherwise noted.

Place a stitch marker on first st of rnd and move marker to first st of next rnd as work progresses.

Back loop (back lp) is loop farthest away of top 2 loops of indicated stitch.

Work in back loops only of stitches for Rnds 8-39 of tote and Rnds 1-2 of handles.

Change to new color (See Designer Tip): Work last sc of current color until 2 loops on hook, drop current color, yarn over with new color and pull through both lps on hook to complete as a sc.

Work over old color: After changing to new color, position old color directly behind top edge of next stitches and insert hook in back loop of stitches and under old color to work over color until needed as indicated in chart.

Designer Tips

  1. Completely avoid tangled yarns when changing yarn colors during Rnds 9-35 of tapestry crochet chart by consistently following this specific yarn skein position and yarn dropping procedure during each color change.
  2. Position chocolate yarn skein to your left beside work. Position current color (sage, tan or gold) directly behind work. Keep skeins in these positions throughout tapestry crochet rounds. If you follow the specific color change procedure listed below, there will not be any need to move or untangle yarn skeins.
  3. When changing color from chocolate to a new color, work last chocolate sc before a color change until 2 lps on hook, drop chocolate to RS of work, yo with new color and pull through both lps on hook to complete as a sc. Bring chocolate from front to WS of work behind sts, sc according to chart with new color working over chocolate yarn and work in new color following chart.
  4. When changing current color (sage, tan or gold) to chocolate, work current color sc until 2 lps on hook, drop current color to WS of work, yo with chocolate and pull through both lps on hook to complete as a sc. Bring dropped color up even with top of sts, work chocolate sts following chart and working over dropped color.



With C1, ch 23.

Rnd 1: Work 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each of next 20 chs to last ch, 4 sc in last ch, working on opposite side of foundation chain, sc in next ch and in each of 19 chs, 2 sc in same ch as first sc, do not join. (48 sc)

Rnd 2: Sc in each st around, working 4 sc increases evenly spaced at each end. (8 sts inc’d; 56 sc)

Rnds 3-7: Rep Rnd 2. (96 sc after last inc)

Work in back lps only for remainder of Tote.

Rnd 8: Sc in each st around.

Rnds 9-35: Sc in of each st around, changing colors on sts of each rnd according to chart and working over old color between color changes.

Fasten off C4 at end of Rnd 35.

Rnd 36: With C1, work in back lps, working over a second strand of yarn, sl st in each st around.

Rnd 37: Sc in back lp of each sl st around.

Rnds 38-39: Rep Rnds 36-37 once.

Fasten off.


With C1, ch 101.

Rnd 1: Working in back lps of chs, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in same manner in each ch across to end of ch, working along opposite side of foundation chain, ch 1, sc in each ch across, sc in skipped first ch at beg of rnd. (201 sl sts)

Rnd 2 (Partial Rnd): Ch 1, sl st in back lp of first st, sl st in same manner in each of next 99 sts, sl st in back lp of next ch-1. (101 sl sts)

Fasten off.

Handle Rings (make 4)

Rnd 1: Using C3, place a sl knot on hook, insert hook through center of 1 metal ring, yo and pull up lp, yo and pull through both lps on hook to complete as a sc. Repeat in same manner to work 19 more sc around ring. Join to first sc of rnd.

Fasten off.



  1. Divide a 2-yard length of C1 into 2 strands of 2 plies each. Make a knot in one end and thread opposite end through tapestry needle.
  2. With RS of tote facing, place 2 handle rings evenly spaced where desired over Rnds 36-39 of Tote. Thread needle with a 2-ply strand of C1. Working from WS, sew rings to Tote. Repeat to add rings to opposite side of tote.
  3. With RS of Tote facing, insert one handle end through ring, folding approximately 2” of end with WS together with handle. Use 2-ply strand C1 to sew end to WS of handle. Repeat to add opposite end of handle to 2nd ring on same side of tote. Repeat to add handles to rings on opposite side of tote.


Weave in all ends.

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  • Patricia P.

    But where is the chart showing when to change colors or am I just missing it?

  • Pam s.

    Cannot get this to work out, is the chart left to right or right to left? I’m assuming right to left, and because I am left handed I’m working left to right. Not joining, marking first stitch and doing continuous rounds. The end is not lining up nicely. Is there a hint?

    • Nicola P.

      Hello Pam! I’ve reached out to the designer for advice and she or I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks! – Nicola, Editor

    • Nicola P.

      Hi Pam! Here are some tips from the designer:
      • Being a left-handed crocheter, you are correct to crochet the tote from left to right while reading the chart from left to right.
      • Be sure to work in the back loops only of stitches for Rnds 8-39. This technique really helps to vertically align the stitches of the pattern.
      • Designer has provided a photo of the side edge of the Allspice Tote where the yarn colors are changed for the horizontal stripes (see red arrows). You can see that, while there is a jog in the rounds where the horizontal stripe colors are changed, it is totally acceptable and barely noticeable due to the overall intricacy of the pattern. https://www.ilikecrochet.com/wp-content/uploads/allspice-close-up.jpg
      Hope this helps! – Nicola, Editor


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