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The Top 50 Crochet Patterns of 2019

It’s that time of year again: we’ve looked through all our data and compiled the most popular crochet patterns from 2019, and this year’s list will not disappoint. Full of projects for the bold hearted, this roundup boasts daring designs packed with fearless color choices and adventurous accents. From classic pillows and cozy cardigans, to beautiful hats, scarves and tees, this list covers it all.


Sleeves were a big deal in 2019 and we can see why: each project featured is an instant classic and comes with an array of sleeve options, from bell shaped to open sleeves. 

Sierra Swoncho | Emmy Tied Sleeve Tee | Vivi Ruffle Sleeve Top | That’s a Wrap Shirt 

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for puffy sleeves

Don’t expect statement sleeves to go anywhere! We’re predicting puffy sleeves to make a strong comeback next year. From the fashion runways, you’ll notice over-the-top fashion as always, but apply bits and pieces of those trends into your crochet designs and you’ll be surprised. Add some flare to otherwise simple pieces with the addition of a puffed sleeve.

Get the look now: Pink Princess Ribbon Tee



You can’t have fall without plaid and fall 2019 was no exception. Last year, Buffalo plaid took the spotlight, but don’t rule out unconventional ideas for future seasons. 

Buffalo Plaid Felted Pillow  | Lodge Plaid Blanket | Perfectly Plaid Basket

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for linear lines

Stripes in all forms will likely be everywhere. Vertical lines tend to be more flattering, but horizontal lines will certainly hold their ground too.

Get the look now: Wide Horizon Boatneck Tee





Our April 2019 issue featured a collection of scalloped designs that became instant favorites. Popular in fashion and décor at big box stores, scallops lend themselves easily to crochet edging. It was a no brainer to test our designers and see how they’d apply popular scallops to beautiful crochet designs. The results were polished, classic looks that speak volumes to the versatility of crochet.

Florence Scalloped Clutch  | Claire Scallop Top  |  Espresso Your Love Doily |

 Poppy Scalloped TopBrooke Scalloped Cardigan | Magnolia Scalloped Cardigan

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … high-low hemlines and peplums

Edgings will continue to be bold this year. Taking cues from the ‘80s, expect accentuated shoulders, off-set hems and flattering peplum tops. Some of these trends have been in and out of fashion in the past few years, but we are glad they are sticking around.

Get the look now: Pretty In Peplum Top



The classic wardrobe staple got an update last year, in seemingly every direction. We loved the flowy waterfall style of the Woodhill Cardigan and fully embraced the bold, textured style of the Harper Cardigan. Virtually exploding with creativity, we are excited to see what the future holds for the classic cardi. 

Harper Mixed Stitch Cardigan | Breezy  Peasy Crochet Cardigan | Timberlane Cardigan  |
Woodhill Cardigan | Carmella Cardigan 

Trend Forecast: In 2020…look for feminine silhouettes and slouchy styles

Be on the lookout for slouchy, laid-back styles inspired by ‘90s grunge wear to pop up in stores. Pair these trends with more feminine, A-Line silhouettes of years past, and you’ll have our prediction for next year. Prepare for everyone to feel comfortable and confident in 2020.

Get the Feminine look now: Café Sunshine Cardigan
Get the Slouchy look now: Cloud Peak Cardigan


Floral crochet designs were incredibly popular this past year, specifically in shawl patterns. These shawls, whether bold in color choice or size, are lovely additions to any floral collection.

Azalea Poncho | Alexandra Floral Shawl | Zinnia Wrap

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for bigger, bolder florals.

Can it be possible? We think so! Get ready big and bold flowers — think full floral tops, sweaters and dresses. Hint: look to ‘60s style flowers for a taste of what’s to come. 

Get the look now: Ring Around the Posies Skirt 





Neutral colors had a moment in 2019 and we expect to see these hues continue well into 2020. Neutral is safe, but it’s also classic. These four patterns truly shine with their effortlessly chic neutral tones and versatility.

Vanilla Bean Scarf | Marlow Baby BlanketUp North Slippers | Campfire Cowl

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for neutrals with neons

While we can’t say that a bright neon sweater is on our list of things to crochet this year, pops of neon are definitely something we can get on board with. Tip: pairing with neutrals softens the “blow” of neon yarn. Blacks and other darker colors offer too much contrast and tend to look dated.

Get the look now: Lime-Trimmed Cardigan 



Denim yarn and jean-inspired hues were a welcome addition to the yarn world last year. Explore these three patterns that demonstrate how a little creativity can truly make denim yarn shine.

River Wash Wrap | Stonewash Bag | Bonfire Blanket

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for crochet paired with denim

The love affair between crochet and denim will likely continue in 2020. Take a cue from what the fashion world is saying and go all in with this boho-chic style, pairing your favorite crochet pieces with denim jackets and denim jeans.

Get the look now: Sea Isle Tunic 




Often a symbol of renewal and the changing of seasons, butterflies took shape in a very 3D way in 2019. Explore where you can feature these adorable little butterflies. Don’t stop with just these patterns — add them to mittens, hats, headbands, socks — you name it! 

Buttercup Butterfly Booties | Butterfly Garden Skirt  | Social Butterfly Sweater 

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for magical moments

Crochet can be a magical place to be, so make the most of 2020 with hand-painted yarns or unusual motifs: think swirls and florals and brushstrokes of watercolors.

Get the look now: Tahiti Blanket 




Crochet stitches can create a dense fabric, or they can create an open, lace-type fabric. The latter, results in pieces that are a mix of warmth and breeziness — just like these four classic projects that captured your hearts in 2019.

Michigan Mesh Sweater  | Balos Bay Top  | Wrapped Up Ruana | Rose Bay Scarf

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … netting

The world’s fascination with open-work crochet will continue into 2020, transforming into net-like designs. Not quite fishnet, but perhaps a bit of mermaid style, netting will make its crochet debut in tops, scarves and accessories. Expect to see an uptick in lacy stitch patterns and broomstick lace this year. 

Get the Look Now: Sea To It Shawl 



Each year, new animals take the center stage in the fashion industry. Some animals are here for a brief moment, while others stick around for years. These were some of the favorites from 2019.

Petunia the Pillow Buddy Bunny | Birch the Deer | Duck, Duck, Goose Baby Blanket | Daffodil the Duck Pull Toy

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for creative creatures (especially unicorns).

Some other character predictions include: narwals, owls, french bulldogs, corgis, llamas, foxes, elephants, sloths, cats, deer, monkeys, horses and sea life. 

Get the look now: Confetti the Unicorn




As styles got more bold, so did color choices when it came to new designs. Whether there was color blocking or just unusual color pairings, these pieces were bold as ever.

Waverly Throw | Spring Playdate Dress | Reese Wrap | Tunisian Tee Party  

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for bold colors paired with metallics

Take bold to the next level by pairing strong hues with metallics. Any color that looks good in the light will have an extra glint whether with sequins, rhinestones, or metallic thread. The best news is metallics can be casual or dressy which will make these pieces extra versatile.

Get the look now: Shimmering Boatneck Blouse 




Animal prints and mixed prints made quite the impression in the crochet world with diverse variations and different styles. Explore your wild side by remembering these old favorites featuring animal-inspired prints.

Lengthy Leopard Scarf | Two Sisters Lake Sweater

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for polka-dot prints

Polka dot prints will have their time to shine once again in 2020 — and don’t be surprised to see polka dots paired with other prints to create a bold combination everyone will love. Have fun with this playful print and explore new ways to create polka dots in crochet.

Get the Look Now: Darling & Dotted Hat




Some prints, patterns and colors from the ‘70s made a comeback this year — especially in fall fashion trends. Colors like mustard and burnt orange were instant favorites and will likely pop up in other seasons too.

Marigold Bucket Bag | Paola Poncho | Easygoing Crochet Tank |
Serene Wrap Skirt | Round Trip Raffia Bag 

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for marigold mania

We already saw a nod to the marigold in our October 2019 issue, but we are looking forward to seeing more of this unique shade in 2020. It’s not the traditional mustard color and it’s not quite gold either, but you’re sure to see it shine!

Get the look now: Bayside Dress




So, which pattern is your favorite? Which trend are you looking forward to this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

  • Slouchy, laidback styles for me – I like to be comfortable but look nice too. Cheers.

  • I am loving the fact the ldfc or as they call it in 2020, interlocking crochet has had a rebirth with Tanis Galic, David Q Orth, Hida Steyn and many others taking this crochet technique to new exciting levels in clothing designs, household items, market bags, and blankets. This interlocking crochet or ldfc -locking double filet crochet technique has crept into our hearts and onto our hooks.

  • Angela D.

    I love the bold colors trend and I’m interested in seeing more retro looks.

    I would really like to see plus size patterns such as Woman’s US size 20, 22, 24, and 26. This is akin to a US size 1X, 2X, and 3X.

  • Sharon F.

    Check out Bella Coco video on YouTube. That’s how I learned last year. Once you know how you’ll never look back!!! The technique makes amazing blankets! Give it a go!

  • Janet M.

    I don’t like any of the patterns in this issue ‘i don’t know how to c2c


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