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All is Calm Mandala Sachet

These little mandala sachets are fun to make with stash yarn but especially nice when made with alpaca yarn. The softness of alpaca invites squishing which releases the wonderful scent of lavender. Crocheting/knitting friends will appreciate the moth repellent quality of these sachets for their yarn stashes. Non-crafty friends will love the lavender scent when used as drawer sachets. They make a nice holiday gift and are easily personalized since there are so many color combinations to play with.

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Macoun Leaf Shawl

Dark red yarn with a touch of purple works to create a shawl that’s reminiscent of the skin of a fresh, Macoun apple. Complete with a single row of apple leaves just towards the shawl’s edge, this design is ready for your next apple picking adventure!

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Driftwood Wind Chime

Bring a peaceful coastal feeling into your home with this super-fast wind chime project. Crocheted sea creatures are hung from a piece of driftwood with seashells attached to the end of each chain which helps add weight to this must-have handmade décor.

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Lemon Buttercup Shawl

This shawl is the ideal companion for cold days in early spring. It is worked in a soft and warm alpaca yarn and has a rather dense – but not stiff – fabric. It impresses with two stripes in a warm yellow tone which are embedded in a mesh of the main color.

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Grapefruit Sorbet Shrug

With it’s quirky, vintage granny square design, the Grapefruit Sorbet Shrug will leave you hearing retro tunes playing. It won’t be long before you’re eager to start planning a delightful spring brunches full of fun, fruity drinks!

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The New Arrow Throw

Brighten any room in your home with this bold and blue arrow throw. This blanket is comprised of squares that are divided into triangles of different colors. Joining each square together with the slip stitch, the arrows will begin to form with the connecting triangles.

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Foliage in the Woods Wrap

The stitch design in this scarf is reminiscent of ripples of light through the trees in winter along the Scottish countryside. As Catherine Earnshaw says, “My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods: time will change it, I’m well aware, as winter changes the trees.”

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