Tanya Eberhardt

Tanya started her blog Little Things Blogged almost two years ago as she wanted to share her adventures in crocheting and generally crafting. Two years later, she's realized that it's great to have the ability to talk with creative people from all over the world, who are just as passionate about crafting.
Crocheting came into Tanya's life out of nowhere and began with struggling with the first chain stitches of a scarf project. The outcome of her struggle was one scarf and a new addiction that changed her life.


Projects by Tanya Eberhardt

Skip a Beat Sweater

This sweater is a true work of heart and it’s just what you need to brighten up a wintery day. Dress it up with a fun skirt or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a classic look.

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The New Arrow Throw

Brighten any room in your home with this bold and blue arrow throw. This blanket is comprised of squares that are divided into triangles of different colors. Joining each square together with the slip stitch, the arrows will begin to form with the connecting triangles.

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The New Easy Granny Blanket

easy granny blanket

Gone are the days of basic granny squares in boring colors. Spice up the tradition with granny squares that are crocheted in various sizes to give this blanket a patchwork feel. The layout of this blanket and the added border will keep you interested and excited throughout the crochet process.

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Marigold Blanket

These colors are the quintessential hues of autumn as well as those of beautiful marigold blooms. Work up this textured masterpiece to add some seasonal charm to your living room or as a gift for a loved one.

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Adventure-Ready Tote

When you decide it’s time for a quick and spontaneous vacation, you need a tote that can stand up to the challenge. Roomy and beautifully striped, this bag is the ideal travel companion. Plus, since it’s quick to crochet, you can whip it up easily while planning all the stops on your trip.

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Ice Pop Stripes Afghan

The colors of this striped v-stitch afghan remind us of our favorite ice pop flavors—tangy orange, sweet strawberry, and classic blue raspberry. The piece is finished with a crisp white trim, but don’t worry: even with all these details, it’s an easy project to crochet.

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MesMERizing Blanket

Who doesn’t daydream about being a mermaid when enjoying a day at the beach? This fun blanket bursts with texture and is stitched in fresh shades of blue and pink to help bring that dream to life. Appropriately worked up in the shell stitch, this design doubles as imaginative costume and cozy blanket for those cooler summer days.

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Mulled Wine Tunisian Scarf

Worked in Tunisian crochet tire tread stitch, this scarf will be your perfect go-to accessory. It’s the right amount of warmth and the right length for plenty of wraps around the neck.

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