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Stitch School: Star Stitch

The star stitch is a magical stitch to learn this December. The pinwheel-like design resembles a snowflake, and adding this to your repertoire will give you a chance to tackle the Up North Star Stitch Cap.

To work the first Star Stitch in the round

Ch 2, draw up a loop in the 2nd ch from hook,

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Second Season Wrap

This crescent-shaped, tri-colored pastel wrap is the ideal springtime accessory. Worked up in lightweight cotton yarn, this wrap is a perfect cover-up to carry with you as temperatures fluctuate this spring.

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Ski Lodge Pullover

Fair Isle sweaters aren’t just for knitters! Crocheted seamlessly from the top down, this classic patterned sweater will become an instant winter wardrobe staple. Plus, if you’re still struggling with the concept of Fair Isle crocheting, our video tutorial below is sure to help.

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How to Crochet Fair Isle

There are many ways in which crochet is different than knitting. For instance, crochet stitches can be short, tall or textured, and they can wrap around and go in many different directions. The look of crochet stitches are noticeable different from knitting stitches, but there is one traditional knitting technique that can be made in

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Basketweave Cowl

Enjoy the crisp autumn weather by staying snug and warm with this beautifully textured cowl. Worked up in a basketweave stitch pattern, this chunky cowl will keep you warm and stylish. If you feel like you need a quick video demonstration of this technique, check out our video tutorial below.

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How to Basketweave

One of my favorite crochet techniques is the basketweave. It looks complicated, like it took a long time to accomplish, but it really could not be any simpler. It’s so easy that once my students have mastered the basics of crochet, this is often the first “pattern” I set them on. It gives them such

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Mixed Bag Cowl

This cowl is a great way to use up yarn you’ve had hiding deep in your stash. Feel free to mix different fibers, colors (tonal or solid colors with variegated yarns) and even yarn weights (as long as they are relatively close) to produce this one-of-a-kind cowl masterpiece.

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Tunisian Crochet: How to Carry Up Multiple Colors

Tunisian Crochet: Carrying Up Color

Working with color when crafting is universally appealing – just look at the explosion of long color run yarns like Noro and other such brands. My painting experience is instructive in this area: colors come alive and reveal personality only in context with other colors. As on the painting canvas, so too in creating crochet

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