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Give the Gift of Crochet

Are you one of the many crocheters that plans to make elaborate holiday gift projects for friends and family, but continues to find yourself shopping at the last minute, straining your hands or wrists, or handing out “I.O.U.s” instead of gifts? With these five tips, you’ll be able to get a head start on your handmade holiday gifting.

Choose recipients who are “crochet worthy”

There are some people who just don’t appreciate handmade gifts. Start by taking those folks off your handmade holiday list. You’ll have more time for your other gifts and you’ll save yourself – and the recipient – disappointment.

Repurpose existing projects when possible

Most crocheters have finished projects that would make great gifts. Look through your closets to see if there is something you’ve already finished that would make a great present for someone on your gift list.

Make a shopping list

Look through your existing yarn stash. You may already have yarns on hand that people on your handmade holiday list will love. Look through your existing patterns to find some ideal projects for your loved ones. (We have some great suggestions at the end of this article to get you started!) Make a yarn shopping list for any additional supplies you need.

Set up holiday gift kits

Once your patterns, yarn, and recipients are picked out, set aside some time to make holiday gift kits. Keep it old school by printing out the pattern and adding the yarn and an appropriate hook to a project bag (or clear plastic zipper bag). Or, use your phone or tablet to organize! Take a picture of the yarn and add a pattern link. Having kits on hand allows you to easily start on the next project whenever the mood strikes.

Take care of yourself

Don’t set yourself up to fail by creating a demanding gift schedule that leads to resentment or injury. Be realistic about how many gifts you can finish before the holidays based on when you started your holiday crafting, your general speed and pace, and the complexity and size of your gift projects. Remember to take frequent breaks to stretch when crocheting to avoid hand, wrist, back, and neck strain.

Project inspiration

There are so many great patterns available in back issues of I Like Crochet! Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your holiday gift kits.

With these tips and this roundup of great projects, you’ll be well on your way to making great holiday gifts for your loved one.yarn ball


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