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3D Granny Squares: 100 Crochet Patterns for Pop-up Granny Squares

The vintage charm of the granny square is something every crocheter can appreciate. In this new release, the granny gets a fresh look! Featuring a collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns, crocheters can pick their favorite motifs to create the granny square project of their dreams. From gorgeous flowers and charming animals to different pieces of food and drink, each motif includes a unique 3D component that’s both modern (and adorable). Also included are ten bright and beautiful patterns showing how to use your squares to create gifts for family and friends. 

Paperback, 128Pages, $22.99, 978-1446307434

Beginner’s Guide to Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet doesn’t have to be intimidating. With this handy beginners’ guide, learn to master this beautiful crochet technique to create a variety of stunning crochet tapestries. Once you feel confident, enjoy the book’s more advanced offerings that combine stitches with color changes to create exciting new textures. Featuring 13 beautiful patterns, including a chunky blanket, mittens, a scarf and more, readers will appreciate the author’s unique style that’s fresh, fun and sophisticated.

Paperback, 96Pages, $12.75, 978-1782216667

Clever Crochet Squares: Artistic Ways to Create Grannies and Dramatic Designs

You can’t go wrong with granny squares: they’re colorful, easy to make and whip up in practically no time at all. But have you ever tried combining squares to create dramatic results? Here, author Maria Gullberg explores new possibilities with the popular granny square, showing crocheters how to make fresh and inspiring projects by joining squares. The outcome is a pattern with fascinating texture and eye-catching colors. Packed with projects for crocheters of all skill levels, the clear instructions and detailed photos help anyone create stunning pillows, bags, rugs, blankets and more.

Hardcover, 112Pages, $19.95, 978-1570769542

Cosy Crochet Blankets to Snuggle Under

Blanket lovers, it’s time to celebrate — especially if you love bold colors! Featuring 15 vibrant blanket projects using different crochet techniques and styles, this book gives crocheters a delightful mix of simple and elaborate projects to choose from. Each one is packed with visual intrigue and gorgeous color. Adding a touch of warmth to your home has never been easier!

Paperback, 128Pages, $21.95, 978-6059192699

Japanese Wonder Crochet: A Creative Approach to Classic Stitches

You’re in for a treat with this book! Japanese Wonder Crochet is the first major Japanese crochet book to be translated into English. Finally, crocheters outside of Japan will be able to experience the unique crochet techniques and charts that are widely popular within that country. Get a new perspective on popular stitches, including herringbone, waffle, crocodile and more. Featuring a swatch pattern for each stitch, crocheters can easily practice more complex techniques before diving into a pattern. When you’re ready to try a full project, treat yourself to a variety of pattern types, including a blanket, a cowl, potholders, cup cozies, tote bags and more! 

Paperback, 112Pages, $15.99, 978-4805315279

Kawaii Crochet: 40 Supercute Crochet Patterns for Adorable Amigurumi

Discover 40 amigurumi patterns in every color of the rainbow with this selection of modern Kawaii projects. Choose from three adorable peas in a pod, to a winking fortune cookie — no matter what you pick, you’re bound to have a blast making these fun and easy designs inspired by Japanese culture.

Paperback, 120Pages, $16.09, 978-1446307533

Lovable Amigurumi Toys: 15 Doll Crochet Projects by Lilleliis

Create your own adorable toys using this collection of charming crochet dolls. Including 15 darling dolls for babies, toddlers and school children, readers can choose from a mix of designs including Baby Leo, Rag Doll Annie, Ronja the Troll Girl, The Almighty Robot, and many more. Each doll features its own unique details and charming color combinations that make them impossible not to love. The only question now is, which one will you crochet first?

Paperback, 176Pages, $13.99, 978-9491643323

Modern Crochet Bible: Over 100 Techniques for Contemporary Crochet

Looking to add a contemporary touch to your crochet? Don’t miss this new release featuring a complete guide to every technique you’d need to know to create contemporary masterpieces. Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, choose from more than ten patterns featuring cutting-edge design work. These include a cowl, blanket, wrap, bag, a rug and more.

Paperback, 152Pages, $24.99, 978-1446307502

Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker

No matter what your skill level (advanced crocheter or just starting out), Modern Crochet is a comprehensive guide that warrants a place in your home library. Learn about selecting the right tools and yarn for each project, understand all things yarn, learn how to read a pattern and more. Your book also comes with a slew of online support materials, featuring 25+ videos and more than 150 step-by-step tutorials. Plus, indulge in 16 original designs including an infinity scarf, a basket, a coaster, a cozy cowl, oversized throws and more!

Hardcover, 176Pages, $24.99, 978-1944515850

Simple Crochet Hats: 15 Beautiful Designs to Create with Ease

You don’t need to wait for winter to arrive before whipping up some of these classic hat patterns. Beautifully designed, these crocheted hats are bound to get you noticed on a chilly winter day. Featuring 15 simple projects, from beanies to berets, readers can choose from a variety of hat types that boast clear instructions and gorgeous photographs. The best part? No prior crochet experience required! These hats are perfect for beginner and advanced crocheters alike!

Paperback, 160Pages, $15.85, 978-1784945404